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Advanced Web Analytics

Make your data pay you back, with Advanced Web Analytics solutions by SmartKonnect.

Monitoring the efficiency and achievement of such programs is essential for an organization devoted to driving solid and aggressive digital marketing campaigns. At SmartKonnect, we know the authority of information and its company significance. Web analytics is the hottest market trend that helps an organization comprehend customer behavior and track advertising campaign efficiency by evaluating and decoding trends across internet pages.

Businesses that concentrate primarily on driving effective campaigns and measuring their site efficiency, analytics instruments and services will allow you to implement data-driven approaches to your revenue-driven marketing strategies. Our intelligent and tested strategy allows your company to assess, visualize, analyze and optimize your strategies, thereby helping you to create better strategies that create your company an image.

Take advantage of the information opportunities around you.

His information is one of the most strong resources for a company that needs the correct instruments to harvest its potential. The advanced internet analytics solutions from SmartKonnects assistance you gain an advantage over your rivals.

Get your audience's perspectives

Robust profound learning analytics identify market trends, client behaviour, explore their market segmentation preferences, and identify target audiences. Web analytics instruments perform competitive research regress to identify differentiating aspects that can increase the efficiency of the website. Different factors such as traffic channels, keywords used, content popularity and significance, etc.

Audience behaviour and user data analysis

We know the significance of customer behavioral analytics as it can assist define the website's worthwhile elements and in turn drive the marketing strategy to achieve higher recognition of the crowd and improve user experience. This tracks the interaction of the crowd with different parts of the site, the traffic source, the frequency and length of the visit, and the current proportion of visitors returning v / s.

Competitive insights

SmartKonnects provides credible competitive market insights to set benchmarks and formulate market trends to overcome rivals and recognize your business ' competitive threats. We are defending your company and empowering you to increase your audience effect. To benchmark your performance and recognize their KPIs, get real-time updates for competitive traffic and performance metrics.

User-friendly dashboards and reporting

Advanced internet analytics are helpful in real-time monitoring. To give virtual reports, trends and analytics, smart user-friendly dashboards can make the reporting method easier and more useful. The analytics solutions from SmartKonnect come with attractive and simple to navigate dashboards and reporting instruments for marketing strategists to make concrete use of web analytics.

Looking for alternatives for intelligent Web analytics? For you, SmartKonnects has covered it.

We take the digital transformation system quite seriously at SmartKonnects and present a variety of contemporary and advanced web analytics alternatives to unleash your business ' real potential.

Robust and reliable Analytics

Simple analytics is not all, but a company is valued by credible analytics. SmartKonnects Web Analytics solutions provide in-depth market research to provide useful market insights and allow companies to take concrete steps to formulate marketing strategies.

Monitor performance of campaigns against a custom metric

Running a marketing campaign is a severe investment of effort and resources, and for their campaign each company has a distinctive set of a performance metric. In order to monitor the success rate of the approach, our analytics conduct multiple universal and custom variables. Our alternatives also provide the campaign's competitive perspective to project the campaign's success in the true globe.

Understanding your audience

To raise the sales and conversion rate-generate income-it is vital to monitor the target audience's feedback and experience. For customer-centered companies, paying attention to the user experience is even more essential. Our analytical algorithms track client behaviour, record their interactions and other performance elements to map and evaluate each visitor's journey.

Justify the efforts with outcomes

Some marketing campaigns and advancement on the website may fail to demonstrate concrete results over a brief period of time. With our analytics solutions, you can monitor your strategy's development and efficiency and monitor the effect of your attempts carefully and take the required steps.

Smart dashboards reporting and tracking

Web analytics involves too many factors at play, and every marketer has their own way to comprehend to the numbers. While keeping track and decoding the trends can be a difficult task, SmartKonnects offer a range of advance dashboards and reporting tools to observe the performance of your strategies in real time and with easily comprehensible visual reports and info-graphics.

You deserve the best if you want to be the best

Web Analytics Solution

SmartKonnect was a common option for business technology solutions that resulted in pleasant outcomes and encouraged our esteemed clients to grow. We are a team of skilled experts devoted to transforming digital room and offering your customers ' distinctive box-of - the-box alternatives. We offer a wealth of company alternatives including SEO service, mobile marketing , web analytics and lead management.

Our team thinks that you are not just a service provider, but that you are your partner in your company development and assist form a sustainable business climate. For your digital marketing needs,SmartKonnect is a one-stop shop. Our job speaks of our knowledge and commitment in understanding the company and covering all the bases to produce a precious result.

Our Web Analytics uses contemporary analytics instruments and algorithms to produce significant performance and in-depth analysis in the actual world situation of your business strategies. Our team can generate customized alternatives to meet your company requirements and allow your organization to operate smoothly.

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