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Benefits that you get with Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Targeted approach

With SMM, you can choose your own target audience depending on age, gender, gender, preferences and more. SMM tools are logically developed to achieve targeted audiences, particularly based on prior purchases and searches made by the user. There are therefore more chances of reaching the individuals who are really interested in your services.

Two-way communication

Unlike websites and applications, where communication is often one-sided (except, of course, the shopping cart & payment), social media advertising provides you with an interactive platform where tourists can also engage in multiple operations or respond to messages. They can like, comment or share your messages through their personal social network, which is a excellent way to enter the untapped market.


SMM is a cost-effective solution as compared to other traditional methods of advertising. By investing a few thousand bucks on various SMM tools and techniques, you can actually build a massive database of true leads with a high probability of them converting into real customers.


The most feasible strategy to promoting your services is undoubtedly social media marketing better than your rivals. You can gain a competitive edge over comparable products in your sector with aggressive marketing, which is your trump card to tap more clients and own a larger market share.

Social Media Marketing Services

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How is SMM done?

The principles of Social Media Optimization (SMO) are mainly connected with social media marketing. In both tasks, SMO is comparable to SEO to boost web traffic and to channel more visitors to the website and enhance its ranking. Google and other search engines are following a set of guidelines while searching for top-ranking websites. These search engines prefer websites with active social media pages. So, it's also the responsibility of social media marketing to get you a better Google ranking and boost your brand visibility.

We adopt a two-step technique at Smartkonnects to obtain optimal outcomes from your SMM campaigns.

Active SMM

We create creative and informative ad content and use paid promotion services from different social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Ad posting and link construction operations can give you more opportunities of conversion in your website.

Passive SMM

We generate helpful content, pictures, videos and blogs and post the same on your social media pages from time to time. Social media pages with frequent updates are more noticeable online, thus reaching a worldwide crowd that may follow your page and visit your website if they find your services interesting enough.

Book an appointment with our digital marketing and social media specialists now to formulate the best SMM approach that suits your company goal.

Social Media Optimization

Make SEO rankings better and optimally place your brand

On each website, Google and other famous search engines operate and dig deep into the ranking information. By comparing the services and characteristics provided by the top few websites, most internet tourists do not look beyond the first page of their Google search outcomes and make choices.

Creating and promoting a excellent website through social media platform is compulsory. Hire SmartKonnects professionals to discover and execute common methods through SMM and SMO to optimize your ranking.

Do you want to create an effect by investing in different SMM methods that will bring long-term advantages to you?

Best team of professionals in social media

    Hire the best team of professionals in social media

  • SmartKonnects employs the finest digital marketers and specialists in social media who understand the trade tricks and work to optimize your Google rankings relentlessly.

  • By investing in chosen SMM instruments, you can be ensured of achieving the highest outcomes and can expect greater yields. We know our customer's individual requirements and provide seamless services to optimally place them in the internet room using state-of-the-art techniques and extensive knowledge.

"Building a powerful social network and connecting with more clients"

Advanced methods and instruments that ensure outcomes

Smartkonnects is a one-stop shop located in New York City that offers end-to-end web design and digital marketing solutions. With appropriate knowledge and experience in the appropriate sector, we hire skilled people in each category.

Put your confidence in us to plan the most helpful techniques of marketing to promote your internet brand, and we will never disappoint you.

We are a bunch of extremely oriented and passionate people with extensive experience in providing SEO-optimized websites and formulating SMM strategies for our customers that deliver excellent outcomes. Connect with our specialists to find out how best to promote your brand and develop your company through various channels of social media.

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